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best bromance ever

this part hnngg


l o v e

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flamestorm11 griever slot
for flamestorm11, slot to griever

hey all, just wanted to say THANK YOU very much for your help with my custom <3 I have finished the design, and I'm very happy with it <3 I went with my heart on this one, so I hope you all love it too! 8D 

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1 deviant said geno/pheno is written in the description (:
1 deviant said feel free to comment your opinions below <3 as long as they're positive :stare:


I see fire

am I on the naughty list?


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happy fucking holidays.

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 18, 2014, 1:09 PM
So upset right now...

my boyfriend was supposed to come home from college yesterday. It's a 4 hour drive and he kept getting delayed because he was having issues fitting everything into one car. He finally got it all in around 8pm and headed out to leave. Well, while he was still on campus, his car's brake lines broke, so he was stranded there another night. He had to leave the car in a parking lot on campus, with a note as to why it was there and that it would be gone in the morning when he got it fixed. He crashed at a friend's dorm, because he had given his dorm key back already.

This morning he found all of his car's contents on the ground, with most of it stolen. His computer, hard-drive, TV, all his suitcases, he has NO clothes now, they even took some of the xmas gifts he got for his family. He had family photos on that hard-drive, and photos of him and I were scattered all over the cold, wet ground.

I can't even right now... like, if these people knew my boyfriend, they would know they picked the NICEST guy to do it to. They probably wouldn't have even dreamed of doing it to him. He's never had an enemy IN HIS LIFE. I'm so unbelievably upset. I know they are just things that can be replaced, but... I just feel SO bad for him... so bad... he worked really hard for all the stuff he had in that car; he's been working since he was 15... he paid for everything with his own money.. and now it's all gone...

Needless to say, my mom had to calm me down because I was hysterical. I just cannot even fathom this right now. so so upset.. merry fucking xmas to us..


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