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box o' horses

EmeraldTheWolf commission by BangGoesRealityRonid pagedoll by EmeraldTheWolfEmraldTheWolf sticker by Artistic-PineappleBlue lips by goatsNimbus Rumdoll by PaleMountEowyn animation by Schn3eZosime pagedoll by EmeraldTheWolfEmeraldTheWolf by shiasgraphicsPAGEDOLLL by ThePantsyTrioRust Mongrel by PonderCatBalinore the Brave by orengelZmr pagedoll by EmeraldTheWolfpixel for EmeraldTheWolf 2 by CinderellaSkeletonCommission ~ EmeraldTheWolf by ratimoPagedol commission - for Emerald the wolf by KrispzLying around by AlvardyEmeraldWolfGirl Commission - Like a Boss by horsy1050In all his studlyness by EmeraldTheWolfchibi haldor solo by EmeraldTheWolfKT pagedoll by EmeraldTheWolfPC: Dheseus by himonsterMr MOOMOO page badge by Yami-maruoh i love to be the underdog by pandorastables6305 DWS Nihm by EmeraldTheWolf
TEST by EquelineHansorrrr by EmeraldTheWolfKili By Auraleyki by EmeraldTheWolfA Proud One by AlvardyQueen Of The Board by LoudishMini Odin by EmeraldTheWolf

Nordanner Achievement Board

:star:Owner of the one and only 032 DWS Cognito, Steampunk Joker
:star:Owner of the first Laced Tobiano Bloodsplash 3321 DWS Crossbourne****
:star:Owner of the first Grey Moulin 5742 DWS Totoro, Guardian of the Forest*****
:star:Owner of the first and original Kíli and Fíli
:star:Original owner of the first Tiger Roan Frostsplash 5579 Iruka



1 deviant said Nordanner Meme 2014 by EmeraldTheWolf

am I on the naughty list?


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United States

hey guys

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 16, 2014, 8:56 AM
Just wanted to say a huge thank you to EVERYONE who has commented, favorited, and advertised my new Nordanner Meme... I can't tell you all how much it means to get such wonderful and massive feedback... it really makes my day brighter which is really what I need right now... my bf's Nana is dying of lung cancer... and having to deal with not only how traumatic this event is, but also having to comfort his mom in the mornings before I go to classes is just... it's really hard. She's in the last stages of her life right now, literally... like, my bf's parents are bringing her to Connecticut this weekend where she used to live so she can pick a spot where they can throw her ashes into the water... it's fucking surreal...

I've been with my bf for 7 years and I've known Nana as my own Nana in all those years... she lives with him and his family, she's always been there. I can't even imagine how hard it must be for my bf's mom... to watch as her own mother whittles away right in front of her eyes... and having her cry to me in the morning is just.. I can't even bear it..

and then my teacher told me this morning that she had to put her little cat to sleep yesterday, and my teacher and I are really close because her cat looked like my cat's twin... and just bursting out in tears in class is.. not good.. especially since I haven't actually cried in about 2 years..very strange

but anyway, I just wanted to say thank you again for all the support on the meme... I can't wait to see the crazy images you guys come up with <3


Mini Queen in foal by EmeraldTheWolf
Mini Odin by EmeraldTheWolf
A "mini" of your chosen horse. Full-body w/no background + small animation. Animation can include: eye blink, floating heart, or "bouncing". Please specify in the commission description! One animation per mini.
Animated Headshot
An animated headshot of your horse:
Senzational by EmeraldTheWolf
At peace by EmeraldTheWolf
Happy Birthday to myself by EmeraldTheWolf
Wayland bust by EmeraldTheWolf
Texturific Bear by EmeraldTheWolf
The finished product may have textures, shading, a stylistic approach, or none of that. It all depends on my mood and how interesting I find the horse and composition.

l o v e

Evening supernova by RinaKisaragiWelcome to the City by RinaKisaragi
Guardian of the forest by RinaKisaragiKili of Erebor by RinaKisaragi
With her daddy by RinaKisaragiQuiet Pastures by RinaKisaragi
Old circus by RinaKisaragiThe grey Brewer by RinaKisaragi
Fadeless by RinaKisaragi



I see fire


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kisbeck's ref due 05/14/2014
himonster 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Omggggg I came here to see your achievement board and was instead mesmerized by Stiles. Mother fuhhh---<333

Dylan O'Brien is a godsend no lie. I sat through the painful entirety of The Internship just for him.

But yes the achievement board idea is a great one!!!
EmeraldTheWolf 3 days ago  Student Digital Artist
LMAO <333 he is so fucking handsome OMGAH
LiaLithiumTM 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you for the watch
EmeraldTheWolf 3 days ago  Student Digital Artist
I have done your commission :D
I feel that the background is not full, or as detailed as you might have wished so I'll take 30:points: off the final price if you feel that it's not good enough :)
EmeraldTheWolf 4 days ago  Student Digital Artist
okay (: thank you! How much do I owe you in total??
140:points: or 110:points: if the backround was more simple than you hoped :)
EmeraldTheWolf 3 days ago  Student Digital Artist
I gave you 130 <33
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