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Bitches, man COPYRIGHT TO ENHARMONIA by EmeraldTheWolf
:star:Owner of the one and only 032 DWS Cognito, Steampunk Joker
:star:Owner of the first Laced Tobiano Bloodsplash 3321 DWS Crossbourne****
:star:Owner of the first Grey Moulin 5742 DWS Totoro, Guardian of the Forest*****
:star:Owner of the first and original Kíli and Fíli
:star:Original owner of the first Tiger Roan Frostsplash 5579 Iruka
:star:Original owner of the first Checkered Frostsplash 8732 DWS The Grandmaster
:star:Original owner of the second Bloodsplash Angler 9433 DWS Bloodlust
:star:Owner of the second Candy Cane Panda 9505 DWS Smartypants
:star:Owner of the first Angler Panda 9549 DWS Sourwolf
:star:Owner of the second Fawn Candy Cane 9599 DWS I am Groot
:star:Owner of the first Kascel Fawn 9682 DWS WICKED is good
:star:Owner of the first Fawn Zebra 4264 HFS DWS Draiocht
:star:Owner of the first Kascel Moulin A1148 DWS Haru


best bromance ever

this part hnngg


l o v e

Family gathering crop by EmeraldTheWolf
Evening supernova by RinaKisaragiWelcome to the City by RinaKisaragi
Guardian of the forest by RinaKisaragiKili of Erebor by RinaKisaragi
With her daddy by RinaKisaragiQuiet Pastures by RinaKisaragi
Old circus by RinaKisaragiThe grey Brewer by RinaKisaragi
Totoro Chibi by ScutterlandFadeless by RinaKisaragi
A new kind of type by RinaKisaragiSydney by RinaKisaragi
Training Dashner by s1088
Jett YTH by Syrriic
Tokota M57-- by DirtyMongrelEmeraldthewolf by noebelle


payment for liddlecherry
liddlecherry only for dom moulin

omg guys you have got to go look at this amazing work!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

2 deviants said I LOVE IT
1 deviant said YHH Carousel Draft *FINISHED* by 11IceDragon11


I see fire

am I on the naughty list?


Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States

selling 2 dominant moulin genos--price halved

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 21, 2014, 4:00 PM
Price cut: 25$ each
You get all ten slots -- no parent slots required.

ee Aa nG nSty MM
grey on sooty red moulin
ee aa MM
red moulin

Ee Aa nG MM
grey on bay moulin
ee aa nG nSty nSpl MM
grey on sooty red moulin (splash carrier) 

Parents for both are:
7014 DWS Mistinguett by EmeraldTheWolf 5742 DWS Totoro, Guardian of the Forest***** by EmeraldTheWolf

this is the exact lineage they have:
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------SSSSS: Unknown
---------------------------------------------------------------SSSS: 512 SKG Misquel deceased
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------SSSSD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SSS: 4134 ADLG's Baghatoll Griand deceased
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------SSSDS: 280 DVE Lorcan
---------------------------------------------------------------SSSD: 2142 ADLG's Ros Mhuire Nimhigh deceased
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SSSDDSS:  475 Nordic Dreamer
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SSSDDS:  807 Mephisto
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SSSDDSDS: 460 RR A Coming Exodus
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SSSDDSD: 359 EWS Levia deceased
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SSSDDSDD:  461 KS Going Spotty
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------SSSDD: 1439 Pandora
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SSSDDDS: 108 HB Fuhara
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SSSDDD: 1271 Adira
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SSSDDDD: 66 RC Araishia Tohiri
----------------- SS: 5177 SFR's Kil'Jaeden
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------SSDSS: Unknown
---------------------------------------------------------------SSDS: Unknown
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------SSDSD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SSD: 904 AS Moulin Rogue
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------SSDDS: Unknown
---------------------------------------------------------------SSDD: Unknown
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------SSDDD: Unknown
Sire: 5742 DWS Totoro, Guardian of the Forest
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------SDSSS: Unknown
----------------------------------------------------------------SDSS: Unknown
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------SDSSD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SDS: 3 SKG Cavalex*
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------SDSDS: Unknown
----------------------------------------------------------------SDSD: Unknown
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------SDSDD: Unknown
----------------- SD: 1808 MMS Rhiannon
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------SDDSS: Unknown
----------------------------------------------------------------SDDS: Unknown
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------SDDSD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SDD: 317 Bijou
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------SDDDS: Unknown
----------------------------------------------------------------SDDD: Unknown
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------SDDDD: Unknown
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------DSSSS: Unknown
----------------------------------------------------------------DSSS: Unknown
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------DSSSD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DSS: 789 Imperial Bronze
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------DSSDS: Unknown
----------------------------------------------------------------DSSD: Unknown
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------DSSDD: Unknown
----------------- DS: 6487 Milo
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------DSDSS: Unknown
----------------------------------------------------------------DSDS: Unknown
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------DSDSD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DSD: 1017 Tien
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------DSDDS: Unknown
----------------------------------------------------------------DSDD: Unknown
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------DSDDD: Unknown
Dam: 7014 DWS Mistinguett
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------DSSSS: Unknown
-----------------------------------------------------------------DSSS: Unknown
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------DSSSD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DDS: 905 Moon Rover
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------DSSDS: Unknown
-----------------------------------------------------------------DSSD: Unknown
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------DSSDD: Unknown
----------------- DD: 5584 Rothen Speira
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------DDDSS: Unknown
-----------------------------------------------------------------DDDS: Unknown
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------DDDSD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DDD: 316 Uncharted
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------DDDDS: Unknown
-----------------------------------------------------------------DDDD: Unknown
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------DDDDD: Unknown


box o' horses

Dashner Training by codfishing
EmeraldTheWolf commission by BangGoesRealityRonid pagedoll by EmeraldTheWolf
Blue lips by goatsNimbus Rumdoll by PaleMount
Leaping Eowyn by luckdownZosime pagedoll by EmeraldTheWolf
EmeraldTheWolf by shiasgraphicsPAGEDOLLL by ThePantsyTrio
Rust Mongrel by p-ondEmeraldWolfGirl Commission - Like a Boss by horsy1050
Zmr pagedoll by EmeraldTheWolfMerlotte by Crissiesaurus
Commission ~ EmeraldTheWolf by ratimoPagedol commission - for Emerald the wolf by Krispz
In all his studlyness by EmeraldTheWolfchibi haldor solo by EmeraldTheWolf
KT pagedoll by EmeraldTheWolfPC: Dheseus by Owlvis
Mr MOOMOO page badge by Yami-maruoh i love to be the underdog by InactiveAccountt
Immerseus by SvartalvStuteriTEST by Equeline
Kili By Auraleyki by EmeraldTheWolfA Proud One by Alvardy
Queen Of The Board by LoudishMini Odin by EmeraldTheWolf
EmeraldTheWolf by AnimalArtKingdomTraining Copper by s1088
Cloudjumper by CrissiesaurusKisbeck by Crissiesaurus
9241 DWS Insydneyous by EmeraldTheWolf9299 DWS Seaspray* by EmeraldTheWolf
9037 DWS Targaryen* by EmeraldTheWolfMy star by KSN-Quality-Stock
For EmeraldtheWolf by AnimalArtKingdomEmeraldthewolf 2 by KSN-Quality-Stock
YHH - EmeraldTheWolf by samuRAI-same
Training Istas by s1088Training  Targaryen by s1088
YHH: SOLD by Crissiesaurus



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NorthEast-Stables Featured By Owner 18 hours ago
Hey girl OT went through for 580 Sinbad 12/22/14. :)
EmeraldTheWolf Featured By Owner 16 hours ago  Student Digital Artist
thanks so much!!! <33
iShaddix Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey hun?
Could I bribe you to possibly design a kascel foal for me?
Your designs are just...ugh, gorgeous!

I can offer a slot to the foal (he's a dom sired by durango (starter) and dam is polar vortex (Lilith x starter) and maybe arts? I've stolen my mum's laptop so I can do a bit now.
Mishranna Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry that the commission has taken over a week already. My last exam is on Monday so after that I'll try and power through all my work <3
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no problem (: I'm patient! hehe
Mishranna Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
D'aww, thankies! <3333
semper-n-aeternum Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I was looking through your future sales folder for Nordanners and saw that Agent Barton is in there. Do you have an idea of when he'll be for sale? c:
EmeraldTheWolf Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Digital Artist
yep! he is open for offers here… 
Equinara Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Thank you for the fav :)
Enharmonia Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Second bae. :D

BP | Dashner by Enharmonia
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