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February 18
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7055 DWS Fili of Erebor**** by EmeraldTheWolf 7055 DWS Fili of Erebor**** by EmeraldTheWolf

7055 DWS Fili of Erebor design holder by EmeraldTheWolf

6981 DWS Kili of Erebor*** by EmeraldTheWolf

Unofficial brother^

Horse ID 7055
Name: Fíli
Show Name: 7055 DWS Fíli of Erebor 
Breed: Nordanner
Registered: YES
Gender: Gelding
Age: 6 years
Height: 16.3hh
Build: Classic build
Colors: gold cream champagne moulin peafowl [flaxen carrier]
Genotype: ee AtA nCr nCh nf nPwl nM 
Personality: very protective of his brother, Kíli , and refuses to leave his side. He is a kind gelding who loves to be groomed and petted, so long as he knows his brother and safe and nearby. He doesn't like to be alone, but he can stand it better than Kíli can. He is definitely the leader of the two and always makes the decisions for the both of them.
Miscellaneous: 2 braids with one on each side of his head, held by small black barrettes with silver detailing.
Rider: N/A


Song that best represents him: "I see fire" - Ed Sheeran

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------SSSSS: Unknown
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------SSSSD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SSS: 68 SSS Imperio
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------SSSDS: Unknown
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------SSSDD: Unknown
----------------- SS: 862 SSS Sherlock
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------SSDSS: Unknown
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------SSDSD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SSD: 98 Shiya deceased
Sire: 6631 DWS Petrelli
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------SDSSS: 476 NWS Daimhin
----------------------------------------------------------------SDSS: 2311 CFS Adroushan
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------SDSSD: 901 ES Nameless Liberty
------------------------------------------ SDS: 3169 Casino Royale
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------SDSDS: 127 Eximius
----------------------------------------------------------------SDSD: 2285 Aurarius
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------SDSDD: 149 SH Ulmende deceased
----------------- SD: 4597 Limonana
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------SDDSS: 346 Solitude's Reach [out of 104 Chickableau deceased+121 Zaira deceased]
----------------------------------------------------------------SDDS: 2716 Doomhammer
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------SDDSD: 1269 HR THR Elizabeth [out of 292 Teair's Vesper's Wren deceased +72 HR Ezabella]
------------------------------------------ SDD: 4034 Danger Line
----------------------------------------------------------------SDDD: 509 ES Golden Girl

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------DSSSS: Unknown
----------------------------------------------------------------DSSS: 512 SKG Misquel
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------DSSSD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DSS: 4134 ADLG's Baghatoll Griand
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------DSSDS: 280 DVE Lorcan
----------------------------------------------------------------DSSD: 2142 ADLG's Ros Mhuire Nimhigh
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------DSSDD: 1439 Pandora [lineage con't below]
----------------- DS: 5463 Windgate's Otachi
------------------------------------------ DSD: 904 FLC Moulin Rouge
Dam: 6772 Windgate's Thaleia
------------------------------------------ DDS:
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------DSSDS: Unknown
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------DSSDD: Unknown
----------------- DD: 316 SOS Uncharted
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------DDDSS: Unknown
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------DDDSD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DDD:

1439 Pandora lineage con't:

------------------------------------------ SSS:
----------------- SS: 475 Nordic Dreamer
------------------------------------------ SSD:
Sire: 807 Mephisto
------------------------------------------ SDS: 460 A Coming Exodus
----------------- SD: 359 EWS Levia deceased
------------------------------------------ SDD: 461 KS Going Spotty
------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown
----------------- DS: 108 HB Fuhara
------------------------------------------ DSD: unknown
Dam: 1271 Adira
------------------------------------------ DSS:
----------------- DD: 66 RC Araishia Tohiri
------------------------------------------ DDD:

KAARING JOURNAL: :star::star::star::star::star-empty: officially registered as 4 stars.
Nordanner 4 Star Ribbon by sVa-BinaryStar 7055 DWS Fili of Erebor kaaring7055 DWS Fíli of Erebor
:star:Points towards "Quality Blood" title:star:
--One colored registration picture, headshot or full-body [TOTAL POINTS] = 1
--Uncolored art [TOTAL POINTS] =
--Colored headshots [TOTAL POINTS] = 1 
--Full-body, colored, none or plain backgrounds [TOTAL POINTS] =
--Full-body, colored, painted background [TOTAL POINTS] =
--Show entries OR training images OR Dragon tack images [TOTAL POINTS] =
--Show placings [TOTAL POINTS] =
Special Show Titles: Champion, Reserve Champion, Best in Show, Judge's Choice etc: +1 points
1st place: 3 points
2nd place: 2 points
3rd place: 1 points
4th+ place: 0.5 points

--Animations [TOTAL POINTS] =
["+2 points; example: full body art with no bg + being animated = 3 points"]


Nordanners copyright - Cloudrunner64 / BrindleTail
Artwork copyright - EmeraldTheWolf

Reference - xrockinrobynstock.deviantart.c… by xrockinrobynstock and… by suuslovertje

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Enharmonia Featured By Owner Edited Oct 15, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Oh gods, you got the brothers too? This is amazing :D
Lookit who I have over here. OUR NORDIES MATCH
YCS | #8250 Oakenshield by Enharmonia
EmeraldTheWolf Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014  Student Digital Artist
lmao!! omg he is AMAZING
suuslovertje Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2014
thanks for using the stock, i have added it to my group: livine. but you forgot to credit the person who took the picture of the horse
EmeraldTheWolf Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2014  Student Digital Artist
just added that, sorry haha (:
ANIMALGIRL1869 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014
oo look at him! 

and now i am officially Fili and Kili.. you like to kill me dont you :rofl:
EmeraldTheWolf Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014  Student Digital Artist
isn't he Purdy!!! Fili and Kili are brothers [if you read the book or saw the movie!], so naturally I had to make Fili and Kili moulins and pretend they're brothers xDD THEY ARE PERFECTION!!!!! :boogie:
ANIMALGIRL1869 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014
never saw or read it (book or movie) but understandable :boogie: Just like when we were on our Naruto Nordanners
EmeraldTheWolf Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014  Student Digital Artist
haha <33 yep!! here's a visual for you (: Fili Fili Friday by Aegileif and Kili Kili by GarkainN
ANIMALGIRL1869 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014
sexy..but i think your Fili and Kili out do them both put together. :la:
EmeraldTheWolf Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014  Student Digital Artist
haha thanks <33
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